Free Membership

We do not charge any fees for listing with us or taking any advice. In the event you get a successful booking because of our platform, we will only charge you with a small commission.

Free Promotion/Publicity

The website aims to provide maximum exposure to the yoga centres and retreats with extensive promotion campaigns which will be both online and offline. You can reach a wide range of customers with the assistance of these marketing tools.

Helpful Tools

The customers can manage their bookings with the advanced booking framework available on the website. After this, they can also reach out to the account manager for further assistance at any time.

Join more than 2300 organizers

  • Create free listings

    It is a quick and entirely effective involvement! We'll make and elevate your yoga events to the maximum number of audience. You can list all the yoga teacher training options for free.

  • Receive free inquiries

    There is an option to communicate with the customers directly with the help of online messaging. You can maintain contact with your customers and ensure that all their doubts get cleared.

  • Pay only for bookings

    A small amount will be charged (14% excl. VAT) when the booking that you make with the help of our website will be successful.

  • We have your back

    Our content team and our account manager will always be there to assist you at all times. Contact if you need any help.

Reach millions of yogis everywhere

  • Maximum exposure

    The listings will be on all the travel websites. The reach of listings will be monitored by our team.

  • Expert content team

    We have a team of skilled editors who are always to ready to suggest and improve your listings. You can reach out whenever you want.

  • Free traffic

    The team keeps working on distinct and engaging campaigns to bring more and more traffic to your retreat and events.

  • Time Saver

    You can get immediate bookings right off the bat through our website, we deal with the administrator.

Enjoy all
the benefits

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  • Social boost

    Our team has your back when it is about maximum online exposure. We have massive online reach on social media channels to give your events a desired social media boost.

  • Extra promotion

    The aim is to find more customers for you. There is an option to get promoted and advertised on our very own newsletter campaign.

  • Newsletter tool

    We look for new ways both online and offline to promote your yoga teacher trainings. You can also send the newsletter to customers for free.

  • Management dashboard

    The system is made in a way that you can monitor and manage the dashboard very easily with the help of your received inventory.

  • 24h Customer Service

    We are ready and waiting to assist you around the clock. Reach out to us for any clarifications.

  • Secured booking system

    You can be guaranteed that all the payments will be safe and secured.

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